Rhino Shield Movie

Rhino Shield Movie documents Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife’s (VETPAW) counter-poaching operations in South Africa.  Filmmaker Billy Ward focuses on VETPAW’s dedication to the endangered rhino and local communities. Rhino Shield provides an uncensored view of the work VETPAW is doing in the field. This film is merely a glimpse of the work being done by the organization. Along with fighting for animal rights, VETPAW employs and empowers post 911 veterans by allowing team members to use their training in the field. They also engage with and educate local communities. The humility of these men and women is incomparable. Rhino Shield is the untold story of those who risk their lives to preserve our global environment



Billy Ward

Award-winning director Billy Ward’s latest work, VETPAW: Rhino Shield, illustrates the intensity of counter-poaching operations in South Africa.  The film follows impassioned veterans as they navigate through wildlife parks and work to prevent poaching incidents. Beyond their work in the field, the veterans interact with local communities, hoping to improve living conditions for current and future generations. The Veterans Empowered to Protect Wildlife (VETPAW) was founded by Ryan Tate after a documentary detailing the horrors of poaching brought him to tears.


“We train, assist, and advise park rangers in counter-poaching operations,” says Tate.


Ward hopes to transform his short film into a feature-length documentary. In doing so he would bring awareness to the grotesque industry, which has increased 9 thousand percent since 2007.

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